How Often Should Pest Control Be Done?

The answer to the question of “How often should pest control be done?” is determined by how severe the infestation is. Pests recently moved into a home should be treated twice a month, while those with a light infestation should have it done monthly or every three months. You should also consider the time of year for pest control, as some pests can live for more than 18 months without feeding, so you should have the service come back at appropriate times.

Regular inspections and treatments can prevent pests. Early detection is essential for avoiding a costly infestation. Most pest control services recommend scheduling inspections every two to three months and treating homes and infrastructure on a quarterly or bi-monthly basis. This will prevent infestations and allow you to catch the pests early on before they have a chance to cause damage. Once infestations are detected, you can use more frequent treatments to reduce costs.

Different pest control chemicals have other residual effects, so treatment intervals may vary. For exterior parts of your home, you should get a treatment every three to four months, while treating the interior every other month is ideal. It would help if you also got your premise inspected by a pest control expert every three to four months and one treatment every three to four months on the interior of your home. This will ensure that pests don’t move in from the exterior and stay there.

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The more severe the infestation, the more frequent the treatment and inspections will be. Some infestations can take months to eradicate. The frequency of pest control will depend on the species and length of the infestation. Other factors to consider include the location of the colonies, the maturity of the infestation, and how severe the infestation is. You will need to discuss these factors with your pest control provider to determine which treatments best suit your home.

For residential properties, quarterly pest control is recommended. In addition, quarterly treatment is ideal for roaches. For ants, you should schedule a treatment three to six months before the subsequent ant infestation. However, this recommendation will vary, so ensure you have a treatment plan before scheduling a visit. Whether you’re dealing with ants or silverfish, the frequency of the treatments depends on the type and size of the infestation.

Being a homeowner is hard work and preventing pest infestations is vital. Even the cleanest home can become a haven for pests. The best way to keep your home and office pest-free are to follow a systematic pest control routine. Generally, it’s advisable to schedule pest control every month, bi-monthly, and even weekly if you have a severe infestation. You can also create a barrier around your home by having regular treatment for pests.